How to Dress Like Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway has gone from Disney princess to full-fledged Hollywood A-lister. No more is this more apparent than in her red carpet looks. The young award-winning actress is a consistent inclusion in best-dressed lists and that makes young women everywhere want to dress up like her. Here’s how to dress like Anne Hathaway.

Classic beauty

Anna Hathaway is blessed with a classically beautiful face and the perfect skin to match. It is no wonder she looks good in almost anything. She plays up her classic good looks with vintage or vintage inspired dresses. Think old Hollywood – clean and sophisticated cuts and silhouettes.

Black an white

Black and white are safe colors, and together they make a stunning color combination. Black and white together also make for understated elegance, and the young actress is often seen sporting a monochromatic ensemble. The colors play up her alabaster complexion.

Bold colors

With her fair skin, Anne Hathaway can carry just about any color. And she’s not afraid to do so. Go for jewel toned dresses such as ruby reds and golden yellows in classic cuts. Such dresses grab – yet does not scream for – attention.

Short dresses

The actress is also often seen in stylish short dresses to red carpet events. Choose dresses the reach just below the knee or the middle of the legs to keep proper formality. Choose dresses with unique necklines.

Minimal accessories

Anne Hathaway is hardly ever seen sporting overly large or complicated jewelry. Choose pieces with a delicate or vintage designs. Finish your look with a pair of beautiful heels – the actress is often seen wearing peep-toes and strappy heels – and a simple pouch. And lastly, do not be afraid to wear nice shade of red lipstick as the actress is often seen painting her pouty lips with that color.

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