How to Choose a New Hairstyle

hairstyleThere are a number of factors that you have to consider before you get a new haircut: there is the size and shape of your face and your head, your hair type, your height and weight and your lifestyle. You might be thinking "all of this just for a hairstyle?" Maybe there is a lot to consider, but at the end of it all, you’ll be glad you did.

Size and shape of your face and head

All hairstyle work with all face sizes. Case in point: Jennifer Aniston with her then chin-length cut. Sure, nearly everyone raved about that then-new ‘do’, but it was not flattering to the shape of her face because it emphasized her long chin.

Before you get a haircut, think about the size and shape of your face and head.

If you have a square face, soften your feature by going for soft layers starting just below your jaw line. Long and sleek hairstyles also work well for you.

If you have a round face, for layers that begin at the cheeks. Also go for long, sweeping bangs to even out the roundness of your face. The combination of the layers and the long bangs also make your face appear longer.

If your face is a perfect oval, you are lucky because most hairstyles work with that shape. Medium length cuts and longs sweeping bangs also work well for your face shape.

If your face is heart shaped, go for medium length hairstyles that begin right below your jaw line. Also opt for bangs that fringe towards the end of your face to balance out the narrow bottom half of your face.

Height and weight

The rule of thumb here is: longer hair can make you appear thinner, while shorter hair makes you appear wider. Longer hair makes you appear shorter and shorter hair makes you appear taller. If you are thin and short, a shorter ‘do will probably work for you.

If you are rather tall and robust, then longer hair would be your best bet. Still, it would not hurt to experiment a bit. Try on different wigs or experiment with your own hair using pins and clips to see how different hairstyles look on you.


If you lead a fast-paced or busy lifestyle, perhaps a wash-and-wear cut would be best for you. If you have of time on your hands, you go for a hairstyles that may require some styling time.

Hair type

Consider your hairstyles, is it smooth? Frizzy? Wavy? If you have naturally wavy or frizzy hair, smooth and sleek cuts might not be your best bet.

Of course, these days there is nothing that professional salons can’t do. If you have a shock of frizzy hair, you can come out with a sleek bob a la Victoria Beckham.

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