Makeup for Redheads

red hairRedheads are very noticeable with their fiery locks. Since you redheads can very easily be spotted, and with not a lot of makeup shades to match your flaming hair color, it’s advisable to stick to natural colors.

Redheads have been an inspiration to artists for centuries. With the fairest of complexions, your face will make a perfect canvass.

Here’s how to wear make up if you are a redhead:


Redheads are usually gifted with alabaster skin, but we all get blemishes and skin problems once in a while. To even out your skin tone and cover up these blemishes, use a plain, light foundation.

And since you are prone to freckles, choose one that has a semi-translucent formula that evens out your skin yet still allows your freckles to show through.


Because you’ve been blessed with perfect skin, subtle colors like medium roses and very light bronzes are your best bet.


Redheads usually have very fine lashes. If you have not been blessed with long eye fringes, opt for brown and auburn shades of mascara. They go well with your hair and skin color while adding volume and length to your lashes.


Make your eyes pop by coloring your creamy eye lids with light, earth-tone shimmery shadows.


Finally, to make your lips pop from your pale complexion, go for natural colors such as mocha, Burgundy and brick red.

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