Bold New Look for 2009

Along with plans to lose weight, fix things and get rich is also the plan to get a bold transformation for the coming year. Compared to the other items on your list of new year’s resolutions, making a bold, new look is probably the easiest.

But, as with anything that has to do with change, it takes courage and the willingness to take risks to get that bold new look for 2009.

Here are a few tips to get you started:


A new hairstyle/haircut is one of the first things people notice, so get a bold new ‘do. If you have super long hair, get a drastically short cut. If you have curly or kinky hair, go sleek and straight. Add some layers or bangs to your plain haircut or make a statement with a cool new hair color.

The look

Decide on what you want your new look to be. Do you want to look all rock-and-roll goddess? The rebel? Ms. Cheerleader/Ms. Popular? The artsy-folksy type? Once you have decided on your new look, get the necessary items. To get the rebel or rock-and-roll look, opt for wide or studded (or both) belts, vintages tees and accessories.

Or if you want to go for the Ms. Popularity look, deck yourself in all-out designer garb if you dare (and if your pocket can handle it). But a smarter move is to pair; say designer jeans with funky inexpensive tops and vice versa.

Go for cutesy accessories such as hoop or drop earrings. Regardless of the style you choose, keep in mind to never wear an outfit too often. You’ll get more wear out of pants, but for tops the less wear the better. Be creative, layer clothes or mix-match tops and accessories.


Shoes are your best friend, remember that. You can’t have just one pair. Why? Because it’s practical. Not all clothes look good with just one type of shoe. Two, not all shoes are suitable for all seasons. Would you wear sandals during winter? Don’t think so.

Here’s the trick. Get at least three different kinds of shoes. Sandals or ballet flats (could be your spring-summer shoes), sneakers (for casual jeans and all around use), and cute, comfy boots for Fall-Winter.


Accessories can also help in your bold transformation. To really get eyes going your way, opt for huge ones such as chunky bracelets, long chains or big earrings. Also, go for wide or chain belts.

Make up

If you don’t wear makeup before, consider wearing makeup now. Regardless of the style you’re going for, make up is necessary. For one, it makes your face look more alive.

The essentials: eyeshadow (opt for basic colors if you’re new at this. But for a bolder look, go for shiny or sparkly ones), blush or cheek tint, lip glosses (or if you prefer a bit more color, go for lipsticks), eyeliner and mascara. Go for shades that match your skin tone.


Dirty nails are a big no. Get mani-peds if your nails are looking drab. French tips are cute and go with most outfits. But matching nails and outfits are can also work. If you can’t wait for your nails to grow long, you can go for fake nails, but they are a bit difficult to maintain.

This new year, don’t forget to look more approachable. Smile a lot, greet and wave at people you know. Get the attitude you need to go with your external transformation.

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