Hot Men's Hairstyles for 2009

men hairstyleUnlike his prehistoric counterparts the modern man now knows how to take good care of his hair and has his own concept of stylish haircut. Expect a new age of men donning the coolest and most fashionable hairstyles in 2009. So what are the hottest men’s hairstyles for the year of 2009?

The old is definitely the new in men’s hairstyle. Call it an old wine in a new bottle, 2009 will have men donning sophisticated and masculine retro hairstyles. But this doesn’t mean exposing your fascination for the ancient period as there are new things waiting for stylish men, too.

Crew cut

Want to rule 2009? Go for a crew cut, undoubtedly one of the most interesting hairstyles for men expected to rule next year. All you have to do is let your hair grow to an inch or a little bit more and have it tapered at the sides and bottom and keep the hair on top slightly long. You’ll see. You’ll dominate. A very short crew cut is perfect for guys who have strong jawline. This cut, however, is not for men with weird and unflattering head shapes.

Business cut

Attention, office people! If you want to project a professional image, then the business cut is for you. This hairstyle is inspired by the bowl cut of the good old days. Keep your hair a bit shorter than the usual mid-length hair and then part it in sections with one side bigger than the other. You can also opt to brush it back or down. Business cut looks good on guys with wavy hair because this cut shows off the curls.

Brush cut

Brush cut is for those guys who want to have a cut that lets their hair stand up as bristles. This hairstyle looks best with teenagers. There’s no stopping you from attracting the spotlight once you don this hairstyle. Shorten your hair first and then tell the hairstylist you want nothing else but the bristles of your toothbrush standing on your top.

The casual long

The casual long hair is for carefree guys who love hanging out with friends or surfing through the sea waves as it enhances their trademark laid back attitude. This hairstyle has been a mainstay in men’s hairstyle. While it exudes a carefree attitude, the casual long hairstyle also looks distinguished and classy.


Fringe is the latest in men’s hairstyle. This cut is perhaps one of the most common hairstyles for women nowadays. So what? Don’t ever deny you’re using many things designed for women only? If you’re risky and confident about your sexuality, then go visit your hairstylist and ask for this style.


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