Giorgio Armani 2009 Bag Collection

Giorgio Armani 2009 Bag Collection

On the other end of the spectrum, Giorgio Armani, the second most expensive line from the Armani portfolio has also released its 2009 collection of handbags.

Most of the bags displayed excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. Some of the bags are fairly dainty while some are pretty roomy.

The Montenapoleone Bag

The Montenapoleone is the perfect example of the craftsmanship and attention to detail that created this collection. It is made of woven fabric, with nappa leather handle. The side of this handbag is triangular to maximize capacity. This bag also comes with a palladium pendant logo.

The Montenapoleone bag comes in cream and beige.

The Blotchy Bag

If the Montenapoleone is teeny, tiny handbag, the Blotchy bag has a lot more space. It is made of crocodile-printed calf skin with black and white blotches. It also has a metal tag with logo.

Image source: Fibre2fashion

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