Choosing The Best Makeup for Asian Skin Tones

asian womanThough there are a number of "fits all" makeup products available, it is still best to use those that are created specifically for your skin tone. After all, it yields the best results.

If you are Asian or have Asian ancestry, opt for make up that brings out the best in your features.

Here’s how to select the best make up for your skin tone:

Foundation, concealer and powder

Asians have a variety of skin tones. Choose colors that have yellow undertones. For others who have porcelain skin color, opt for a foundation with the lightest cast of pink.

For concealers, opt for one that has a yellow tone a few shades lighter than your foundation. To hide redness, opt for concealers with a lightly green tone.

For powders, opt for a yellow-toned shade. For the porcelain-skinned, opt for a translucent or pale beige with a pink cast.


When choosing blushes, opt for soft pink, very light bronze and pale apricots. They match your color and add contour to your face.

Eye products

Probably the most distinct feature of Asians are the eyes. Bring out the beautiful almond shape of your eyes with brown or black eyeliners that add definition. Asian eye colors are usually black or brown. Use black eyeshadow to complement your lovely dark eyes.

Go for gradation to add depth. Use the darker shade at the lash line and finish with lightest shade near the eyebrow. If you want to have some color, go for plum, raisin and gray.

For mascaras, use black or dark gray. Curl your hair to make them look longer and thicker and open up your eyes.

Eyebrows products

Use an eyebrow pencil that’s the same color as your natural hair. Darken your eyebrows to add definition.

Lip products

For your lips, opt for raisins, plums, mauves and reds. Avoid pinks and browns as they do not work well with your skin tone. If you have porcelain skin, go for a bluish-red shade.

If you want a bit of color with tinted gloss, go for caramels, mauves and taupes for morning, and choose ruby or coffee shades for night.

Pastel and frosted shades are a no-no for Asian skin as these can make your complexion look flat. Go for softer shades with light shimmer or shine.

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