Spring 2009's Hot Hair Trends

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Runway hair trends

If the recently concluded international spring-summer 2009 runways were anything to go by (and they most likely, if not definitely, are), then we will be seeing a lot of ‘up’ hairstyles in 2009, at least during its first half.

Most of the international runway shows featured chignons, ponytails and up-dos with headbands, as seen on Yves Saint Laurent’s and Jil Sander’s runway shows. Of course there were the staple long wavy locks, and sleek, straight hair, and messy ‘dos.

Hollywood hair trends

cropped bob

Pixie crops and cropped bobs

Moving away from the runways and into Hollywood, 2008’s women hair trends seemed to be who’s got the shortest hair. Hollywood’s leading ladies, some of whom are known for their flowing tresses, surprised their fans by showing up one day sporting sleek bobs and pixie crops. To cite a few examples, Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham, Katie Holmes, Natalie Portman, Rihanna. In the modeling world, we saw Kate Moss get a shoulder length bob.

Bobs and crops are very bold moves. Women got these ‘dos because they want to stand out. But with every body doing it, what’s a forward thinking female celeb to do?

Trend forecasters say that either these women let their bobs and crops grow or cut them even shorter. Forecasters came up with the "cropped bob". It’s sort of like a combination of the two 2008 trends. It’s short all over, that may be worn with heavily cut fringes, just like what young Brit model Agyness Deyn, well known for her short ‘dos, is sporting these days.

Trend forecasters also predict that we will see more pixie crops in 2009.



For other women who weren’t quite as daring but just as forward thinking and stylish as those who got crops and bobs, they opted for bobs. We saw a lot of Hollywood stars get sleek, middle length ‘dos. These bobs were either fringed, or accented by side-swept bangs. See Hayden Panetierre’s bob, as well as Jenny McCarthy’s, Kate Moss’s and (again) Posh Spice’s.

For 2009, the trend predictors suggest updating the bob with the bed hairstyle (think stylishly messy hair), particularly if your bob is chin length. If you have a longer bob, grow it longer and get the mermaid/40’s wavy style.

long hair

Waves and Sleek straight

For the stars who opted to keep their flowing tresses, 2008 saw long wavy locks, long bed hairstyle and sleek, straight ‘dos as seen on Brit model Lily Donaldson, and the rest of the female stars who decided not to part with their long hair.

For 2009, trendspotters believe the wavy and sleek straight hairstyles will still be there (probably until forever). Trendspotters think the wavy lock will be updated (or more accurately ‘retro-fied’) to the mermaid or the 40’s side-part, wavy hair. Fringes and bangs are an option for this look.

peroxide blonde kate moss


As for color, trendspotters believe, peroxide blonde will be a hot color for 2009, as recently seen on Kate Moss.

Image source: Vogue and Fashionising

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