What to Wear with Pink

pink colorSome women don’t like to wear pink. They probably feel that it’s too youthful, too girly, too cutesy. And there’s also that unfortunate stereotype that wearing pink makes one look like a naive, vulnerable female. 

But pink looks good on almost any woman. It makes one look feminine. Be careful  though not to go head-to-foot "Barbie-pink" or your outfit might be mistaken for a costume or a candy-store uniform.

Here’s how to wear pink the right way:

Neutral shades

Choose neutral shades such as white, cream, chocolate (brown), khaki and denim. Neutral shades ground pink without overwhelming it.

Shades of pink

Not all shades of pink go well with all of the above neutral colors. Know which neutral color brings out the best in the shade that you have.

Mid-range pinks such as cotton candy-pink often work well with white, while soft blush pinks work best with cream or khaki.

Don’t be afraid to take risks though. You do not always have to pair your pink clothes with neutrals. You can wear pink with, say green, for instance. However, choose your shades well or you risk looking like a plant or a flower.

What to avoid

Don’t wear icy pastel pink with baby blue. Leave that color combination to little girls.

Don’t wear hot pink with black. It’s looks dated, almost like it’s from the 80s. Pair it instead with white or khaki.

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