Find the Right Scent for You

woman fragranceWhen trying to find the perfect scent for you, think of the particular kind of smells that you like. Do you like to smell vanilla? Lemons? Roses?

When looking for the right fragrance, consider your personality.

Are you adventurous? Try something with a citrusy or dewey whiff.

Romantic? Opt for sweet, light floral scents.

Laid back? Go for nature-inspired, woodsy smells.

Choose something that’s suits you and you’re day-to-day activities.

Don’t be afraid to ask

If you smell something you like on somebody, ask the lady kindly what fragrance is she wearing.

Know which smells evaporate first

Think of scents like you would think of music: top, middle and base notes. The ‘top notes’ are those that you smell first. Light spices and citrus are said to be the first smells to evaporate.

Shopping for your scent

Concentrate on your favorite smells when you finally visit the perfume store. Don’t hesitate to ask an attendant for help. He/she is knowledgeable when it comes to scents and fragrances and can point you in the direction of your fragrance. Don’t be shy in telling them what you want. They can understand even vague clues, be it sunshine, clean linen or rainwater.

When testing fragrances, apply them in pulse points where skin is warmest and scent can best diffuse. Wait ten minutes after applying a scent. If you still like it, then you’ll probably still like it later on. Remember though, that after the ‘top and middles notes’ evaporate, only the heaviest oils will remain.

When you finally make a decision, ask for a wrapped package. Make sure that you’re given a sealed bottle, complete with a box.


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