Practical Holiday Gifts for Guys

Holiday is just around the corner and for many people, it’s panic time again. That is, if you’re torturing your brain for the most original gift for guys. Why suffer brain damage if you can give him something more practical? Men are always thrilled when they receive practical gifts, especially if the gifts are something they can wear or use regularly. Here are 7 practical gifts guys will surely appreciate:

Classic blue dress shirt

This item is a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. Always appropriate and extremely versatile, guys can wear it with casual outfits or business-elegant suits. Also, classic blue dress shirts compliment most skin tones. If you’re really feeling generous and want to impress, buy an Italian made shirt.

Undershirts or t-shirts

Not all undershirts or t-shirts are alike and looking for the proper fit and style can be a real challenge. Finding the perfect one is almost like finding the best pair of jeans. When buying undershirts or t-shirts, consider the cut, quality of cotton, and whether your guy wants some stretch.

Lounge pants

Another great gift idea is a pajama/lounge pant. There is nothing men love more than to lounge around the house every morning while drinking their coffee or tea and reading the paper. Many mean prefer wearing lounge pants on weekend mornings.


Give your man sunglasses. There’s no accessory quite like it. Guys can be wearing tacky clothes but a nice pair of sunglasses can make a huge impact. Give him designer men’s sunglasses if you’re out to impress. If you’re out of budget, go for the less expensive but stylish ones.

Shaving kit

A shaving kit is hands down one of the most practical gifts for guys. If your guy travels a lot, give him a compact and water-resistant kit. Skin must be treated with tender loving care so buy a shaving kit complete with a good badger-hair shaving brush, shaving cream, pre-shave oil, and after-shave balm. Go for one with an elegant black leather casing.

Classic billfold wallet

Any guy will definitely appreciate a classic billfold wallet. This quality leather wallet is made using the traditional Italian method with careful attention to detail.

Personalized steak brands

Guys just love their grills. Giving him personalized steak brands honors his Neanderthal instinct of claiming ownership on anything he builds or makes. He can now boast to his guests that, "Yes, that’s the best steak in town and my initials are right there."

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