Men's Fashion Tips for Looking Fabulous at 50

Middle-aged men today are becoming more and more interested in fashion and style. This trend has been sparked by the growing number of advertising campaigns and men’s fashion magazines that encourage them to be more conscious about fashion and style. As a result, suits, designer watches, cool shoes, luxury skincare products, and basic makeup have been very popular for 50-something men.

50 is the new 30

Old is the new, and with that, 50 is the new 30. This only applies, however, if you were a very good boy way back in your younger years. If you took good care of your health by staying fit, ate the right food, knew what moisturizers are for, and maintained an open and fresh attitude to the world, you should be looking sizzling hot by now. If you continue taking good care of yourself, you’ll continue to have that "certified hottie" label by the time you’re a grandpa.

Fashion is not about age

Fashion is not about numbers. Forget about your age. Sure, there are clothes tailor-made for young guys, but fashion is all about your body shape and what works for you to maintain a unique modern look. If you have a killer V-body, which at age 50 is so darn hot, wear something that looks good for an athletic physique.

As you mature, your style must be sleeker, more sophisticated, and less fussy. Don’t be lost, think about Hugo Boss. If you don’t have the budget for designer clothing, get an inspiration from the design and look for less expensive interpretation of similar styles. It is recommended that you buy fewer but better pieces each season.

The scary side of safeness

Congratulate yourself if you decide not to look like an old, boring fart. Farty fashion happens to many middle-aged men when they start to fall into the horrible side of safeness. Safeness here means fear of moving forward and trying something new. Specifically, being safe means donning the most boring uniform for middle-aged men ever: pastel polo shirt, khaki pleated pants, and a brown leather belt.

Learning from past fashion faux pas

By the time you hit the half-century mark, you should already have the fashion momentum to know what style works best for you. Learn from past fashion mistakes like wearing skimpy swimming trunks when you didn’t have Mark Spitz’s physique. Don’t ever think of having a long ‘do when you only have five strands of hair. Do yourself a favor. Look in the mirror.

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