Hair Removal Methods

hair removalIt is during adolescence that both women, and even men, begin to have the desire to remove the excess hair on their bodies. This seems to continue until the day we reach old age. We are often aiming to have the hair on our scalp as the only visible hair on our bodies.

There are many options available if we want to remove unwanted hair, but among these, there are very few options to get rid of hair permanently. The choice of method should depend on effectiveness, time, skin-type, and the body part we want to focus on.

The hair growth process

It would be a good idea to understand the basics of hair growth so as to know how to keep hair from growing.

Each strand of hair goes through a cycle that involves 3 phases.

The first phase is called the anagen phase or the growth phase;
The second phase is the catagen phase or the transitional phase;
The last stage is the telogen phase or the resting phase.

Each strand of hair spends a certain amount of time in each phase. The actual time depends on our genetics, hormones, and area of the body where unwanted hair grows.


Bleaching is not really among the available options to remove unwanted hair but it can make hair less noticeable by using a chemical which removes the pigment from the hair. Bleaching is particularly used in cases when the unwanted hair is thin and dark. Examples of these are the hairs on the arms, face, or neck.


Shaving is a temporary method used to remove unwanted hair, it merely works by cutting the hair off at the skin. The downside of using this method is the blunt tip appearance that the hair has as it grows, thus making the hair more noticeable.

Shaping is not very safe because the razor might glide across the skin and cut it. A precautionary measure that can be used to prevent this is to put on some moisturizer on the area that you want to shave off with hair.


We can use tweezers to pluck unwanted hair. Although this is considered as one of the most effective ways of removing unwanted hair, busy people are not advised to resort to plucking as a hair removal method because this method is time-consuming. This method should not be used when the unwanted hair is too short.


Compared to plucking, waxing is more convenient for busy people because it doesn’t take much time to do. Plus, this method is also ideal for removing large amounts of hair at one time.

With all these information in tow, we must remember that even though the use of hair removal methods is necessary to look neat and presentable, we should not undermine the suitability, or the lack of it, in our lifestyle and preferences.

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