Choosing the Right Lipstick

lipstickThe wrong lipstick, even if it matches your dress and all your accessories, can still ruin your whole look if it does not go well with your color.

Luckily, lipsticks now come in virtually all shades and finishes. There’s bound to be one that will work for you. Here’s how to find the perfect one.

Check your skin description

First and foremost, look at your skin tone. Forget the season. Focus on whether you have light skin or dark skin tone. If you have light skin tone, choose a light lipstick shade such as peach, while if you have darker skin, lean towards darker shades such as raisin.

Choosing a lipstick this way makes things easier. Not only does it keep you from going for lipsticks that don’t work for you, it also saves time and energy by narrowing your choices since stores usually arrange their lipsticks based on color.

The right lipstick finish

A lipstick finish is the way the color sits on your lips. Lipstick finishes range from matte to shiny. Matte finishes appear flat and dry. Shiny finishes on the other hand look glossy and moist. Choose a lipstick finish based on your lip size.

Matte finishes go well on big lips because of their minimizing effect. Shiny finishes work best on thin lips because they make them appear fuller. For medium-sized lips, you have the lucky option of choosing either matte or shiny.

Lipstick texture

Lipstick texture basically refers to how thick and heavy or light and creamy a lipstick is. There is a actually no strict rule for lipstick texture. Lipstick texture variations are created simply because different women wear even the same type of lipstick texture differently. Here, you can choose what feels good on your.

The right lipstick for your lifestyle

Here, it’s more about how busy you are. All women want to look good no matter what they do. If you work in an office, you have little time to retouch your make-up so it’s best to choose a lipstick that is long-lasting and durable. If you do a lot of field work or just work outside, it’s best to choose a lipstick that has SPF to protect you from the sun.

What looks good on you

At the end of the day, choosing the right lipstick is based on what looks good on you. Even if the lipstick lady says it’s what Rihanna wears, don’t buy it if doesn’t look good on you.

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