Top Home Decorating Trends for Winter 2008

home decorationWant to knock out your guests with a house makeover? Decorate for the holidays with these great design trends. Here are some of the top home decorating trends that will undoubtedly impress your guests.

Purple Luxe

Purple is a beautiful, elegant color which made a comeback in the Fall 2008. This color is a perfect additive for the touch of refinement that you want to adapt for the holidays. Purple, silver and gray are the best combinations for winter 2008.

It can provide a great accent for the best part of the house. You can create a more dramatic effect by making use of contrasts in colors. For the purple luxe design, the contrasting hues of silver and gold are the perfect shot.

Vintage Prints

Start decorating walls with classic designs. This can range from Audrey Hepburn portraits to black and white pictures of saloons.

Vintage prints is a top trend that can easily work its way in astonishing your guests with a unique style and art. Top off this look with natural silks and cottons for maximum effect.

European Palace Accessories

European-inspired accessories are also in for this season. Look for accents that will add a touch of luxury to any area, be it in the living room, dining room, or the bedroom. Plush carpets as well as gold, pearl and porcelain accents would work best for this look.

Decorating your home for the holidays is fun, but capturing a distinct look is just as rewarding. Create an attractive living space for your home by following the latest trends in home decorations and designs. Isn’t that another reason to celebrate the holidays?

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