Hair Styles for Black Men

black manHairstyling is a big challenge for many black men whose naturally coarse mane doesn’t seem to cooperate with the style they want. The good news is that you can find a way to don your tresses with sheer sophistication and complete style.

Here are some urban hairstyles perfect for black men modeled by four of today’s most stylish black men. Choose from among these and you’ll be amazed how that mop can transform into an impressive coif in no time.

The close shave

If you want to get rid of your uncooperative hair without going bald, then you have to ask your stylist for a close shave. Jamie Foxx best sports this black man’s buzz cut. This style gives him a laidback look in his daily street wear and a refined appearance in all his red-carpet getups. Overall, the close shave is a perfect choice for you if you have a varied lifestyle as it complements any look you try to project.

The total shave

Many men are terrified about the idea of going totally bald up top. While it might seem like a scary territory, the black men who choose to go to this terrain show that going bald is something not to be afraid of. The singer/actor/model Tyrese Gibson displays his shiny noggin, reflecting a true style and sense of refined class.

Total shaving is great because there’s no hair to fuss over. This allows you to spend more time to perfect that dapper getup. Donning this style shows that you’re a very sophisticated guy and loaded with sleek sex appeal and confidence.

Well-coiffed Afro

Mother nature gave black men a unique hairstyle. So why don’t you work with it? For the stylish urban man, the well-coiffed ‘fro is a modern twist on a vintage style. Lenny Kravitz rocks this style best, mixing his trendy rock-star hairstyle with an uptown ‘do.

You don’t have to be a rockstar or a guitar god to pull off this mini ‘fro. Men from different walks of life can also make this hip style work, as long as their wardrobes are as trendy as their hair. A well-coiffed ‘fro tells that the wearer is a stylish and uptown man who’s a risk-taker regarding his look and his professional life.

Short dreads

The long and unkempt dreadlocks have been out of fashion for quite some time. But there’s a trendier and sharper way to sport this hairstyle. Just look at Kele Okereke, singer and guitarist of the Brit group Bloc Party who knows absolutely how to rock the organized chaos of the short dreads.


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