Asian Hair: Must Do's for Great Asian Men

asian manAsian men have versatile sets of locks. Their hair is characteristically thick and has ultra-straight texture, lending itself to stylish haircuts. If you’re Asian or have Asian roots and are not totally happy with how your hair looks, then you’re not making the most out of a great hair.

So, to make you in tune with the modern look that perfectly suits your personality and lifestyle, here’s a list of four super-trendy haircuts that will definitely play to your advantage.

Messy faux hawk

The messy faux hawk screams "style icon." This look is worn largely by younger Asian guys who make and follow their own rules. A messy faux hawk haircut reflects big-city influence – total attitude and downtown style. Actor Aaron Yoo wears this style like a true star. His hairstyle is meticulously disheveled and celebrates his individuality. The messy faux hawk makes an over-the-top statement, showing your nonconformity to the traditional style

Razored shag

The razored shag is a modern spin on the out-of-style bowl cut. Just because this hairstyle is based on old-school hairstyling, doesn’t mean that it’s lame. In fact, this cut speaks irreverence. Take Jason Tobin, for example. The British-Chinese actor carries the tapered-down crop and uneven edges like a real badass.

The razored shag style is characterized by edgy sophistication and cool demeanor. It’s very daring, urban, and borderline defiant. This haircut is absolutely a suave look for young Asian guys, but it also works very well for bolder professional guys who maintain a dapper fashion.

Textured short

Short hair can be a real ho-hum, but adding some texture makes it stylish. Sporting this ‘do shows that you have a sharp, professional image to maintain. Also, with its timeless and sophisticated effect, this haircut makes you trendy without going overboard. Lost’s star Daniel Dae Kim proves this point. His textured short coif affirms his urban, savvy disposition toward style.

Textured medium length

The versatile and casual textured medium length hairstyle works for anyone. A haircut like actor John Cho’s, which shows subtle sophistication, is ideal for the modest modern man. The textured medium length haircut shows that you’re serious about looking great, yet it appears so refined that you look unassuming. It transcends style boundaries and works well for Asian guys who want to come across as intelligent men, regular guys, and charming individuals all at once.

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