How to Choose the Right Necklace

The right jewelry can really make your outfit. Whether you’re shopping for a statement piece for a formal evening, or something more understated for a casual date, take your time in finding the right piece that suits your taste and lifestyle.

What kind of necklace do you want?

Decide what kind of necklace you really want to buy. Maybe you want an eye-catching costume piece or perhaps you might want to invest in a piece of fine jewelry.

Your budget

Set a limit for your necklace. A budget will can help you decide where to shop and what kind of necklace you want to purchase. Will you be shopping at department stores, specialty stores or fine jewelry shops?

When are you going to wear your necklace?

Know how you want to wear your necklace. Would you wear it only for special occasions or would you wear it for everyday use?

Select a length

Choose the length that you want. Use a tape measure to help you determine what goes well with your clothes.

Mix and match

Try on different chains in different lengths with different tops such as t-shirts, blouses or even sweaters.

Silver or gold

If you’re opting for fine to semi-fine jewelry, decide whether you want a silver or gold tone for your necklace, or a combination of both. Checking out the rest of your jewelry pieces may help you decide.

Necklace design

Now that you have chosen your chain, consider if you want to keep it simple or if you want to add some jewels, charms or other accents on your necklace

Try on several styles before deciding

Trying on necklaces is free so don’t hesitate to check out plenty of other options until you find one that suits you.

Get an appraisal

For a valuable necklace, or any piece of jewelry for that matter, get an appraisal for insurance.

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