Picking the Suit for Your Body

If your mantra is "I am a real man", now is the time to put your usual baseball or pub attire in the closet for the moment and try on something different. Why don’t you put on a suit? Pulling on a smart and snappy suit and strutting around like James Bond will definitely enhance your masculinity.

Yes, it’s a fact that women love men in suits. All you have to do is make some effort to pick one that will make people swoon over you. The question is, how do you go about finding the suit that best fits your body and showcases your assets? Finding the best suit for your body is possible and this article will help you pick the right one for you.

European suit

European suits have a shorter length, severe shoulders, a close cut, as well as small, high armholes. A European-style suit is also characterized by a two-button, single-breasted blazer, a ventless back, and a slim-cut trouser with a lower rise.

Avoid European suits if you’re bulky. This type of suit works best for slim and for those who have more stereotypically European frame. It can be quite sexy if you wear it properly, but you will look like an adolescent boy if you wear it improperly.

British suit

Pick English suits if you’re on the athletic and average side. Like a military uniform, it tends to give you an authoritative look. This type of suit follows your body line closely and emphasizes your chest. Its side vents, slightly shorter jacket sleeves, and soft shoulders will complement your physique.

If you’re tall, the longer length of the jacket will make your body appear proportional. Also, the extra pockets of a British suit will balance you out as they create horizontal lines on the body. You will also look great from a two-button, single-breasted blazer if you have a V-shaped frame.

American suit

If you have a large body, it is best to go for an American-style suit. You can try on a single-breasted, three-button blazer and a plain-front trouser. It can elongate your body, making you appear thinner and taller. Just leave the top button undone. What’s great about this ensemble is that it never goes out of style.

If you’re packing extra pounds but you really want to put on a double-breasted jacket, take heart. The additional layer of fabric will conceal undesirable bumps and lumps.

Make sure that the lapels meet below your waist so that the double-breasted blazer’s V-effect will make you look taller. You should also check out blazers with double venting or side venting to hide your wide posteriors while moving or sitting.

As to the bottom half, go for plain-front trousers. The effect will be great. This type of trousers will do wonders as it slims your pelvic region and belly. Don’t put on pleated pants if you want to save yourself from embarrassment of drawing unwanted attention to your body’s unflattering area.



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