Eco-Friendly Designs Close Out LA Fashion Week

LA fashion week

The Mercedes-Benz Los Angeles Fashion Week ended last Thursday night with on an eco-friendly note: "Humanitarian Fashion Show."

An eco-friendly consortium led by activist Mikey Koffman put together a show of five segments – each designer showing a collection at Culver’s City’s Smashbox Studios.

Emily Factor kickstarted things with models wearing mismatched patterns and chopped-up swingy skirts in various shades of blue.

Next, Simplicio Michael Luis‘ of M the Movement, created a likeable collection of menswear made out of soybean, bamboo and charcoal materials. The collection featured well-cut jeans, shirts and jackets. The looks were completed by silly chopped-short ties.

Sandy Skinner of EcoSkin came next with her collection of plain, single-hued organic cotton jersey dresses. Some of her dresses such as the ‘primrose’ dress, a graphic patterned, boat-necked minidress was quite pretty, except for their animal prints.

The last LA Fashion Week show displayed really fun collections. Barbara Boswell‘s ethical and sustainable brand Lilikoi, showed off soft cotton dresses with silk-screen designs in wonderful colors, creating a more interesting look than plain jerseys.

Lastly, finishing it off is Kathleen Plate. Katherine Plate created the SmartGlass Recycled Jewelry. As you might have guessed, Plate fashions jewelry and accessories from recycled glass bottles, making circular motifs in various sizes. Models sported Plate’s jewelry throughout the evening. As a finale, she sent models down the runway wearing bathing suits underneath swingy dresses made of her glass circles.

Image source: Yahoo News

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