Celebrities Launch Their Own Clothing Lines

Edun Bono clothing line

These days it’s not enough to dabble in just one art form. Today, singers want to act; thespians want to sing. Reality TV people are celebrities. All of them want to be designers and launch their own brands.

Some of the additions to the celebrity/designer group include:

Pamela Anderson

The buxom former Baywatch Babe is now an accessories designer. From belt buckles to bracelets, she’s got her name stamped on it. Her accessories are very girlie and, being an avid PETA supporter, they are cruelty-free, with a percentage of the profits going to the organization.

Reba McIntyre

Country superstar Reba McIntyre was inspired by her former hand-me-downs and launched McEntire, putting a little of her own style into it.

Amanda Bynes

The former Nickelodeon kid has grown up and has launched her own line of age-appropriate and playful looks.


The controversial rapper’s line is just as controversial. However, his pieces can still be found nationwide, which include shirts, denim, jackets and hoodies.

Jay Z and Damon Dash

Just like his wife Beyoncé, Jay Z is also launching his own clothing line with pal Damon Dash. The name of of their label is Rocawear which has gone to the forefront of hip-hop wear ranging from Men’s, Women’s and Kids.


Rockstar and activist, Bono (U2’s frontman) has also created a line with denim label Rogan. His brand name: Edun. All clothes from Bono’s clothing line are earthy and made from organic materials.

Image Source: Edun

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