Radley Celebrates 10th Birthday

Our favorite British handbag brand turns 10.

In celebration of a decade creating stunning handbags, Radley will be releasing 10 limited edition bags. These pretty arm accessories will be either re-issues, previous best-sellers or new pieces.

Lowell Harder, founder of Radley, says that "Over the last ten years we have experienced genuine delight and enjoyment from creating Radley bags… What I love about Radley is that there are no limits on how creative we can be or how much fun we can have."

The brand has always been about creating handbags that are beautiful, yet easy to use while maintaining the highest quality standards.

The 10-piece limited edition collection includes two new designs – the Luisa and the Pocket bag – which emphasizes the brand’s love of color and sensible design.

The Luisa

Radley The Luisa

Made of soft leather, the bag shows Radley’s passion for using beautiful colors and incorporating that into their unique designs.

Hand-painted paisley patterns embossed into the leather take up most of the bag’s front.

Soft leather handle, a re-designed swing tag with an Radley dog logo, plus a silver plaque inside make this piece truly original.

The Luisa comes in tan and red.

Available at Radley boutiques for L200.00.

The Pocket Bag

Radley pocket bag

As one of the brand’s best sellers, the pocket bag is being revived to complete Radley’s 10th anniversary limited edition collection.

Made of soft leather, the pocket bag’s make-over includes a stunning carved stencil pattern in the front pocket.

Radley kept its ‘across body’ practical design, and features an adjustable strap, a front slip pocket, a back zip pocket and another zip pocket on the inside.

It also has the brand’s re-designed swing tag with its logo and the 10th anniversary silver plaque inside.

The Pocket Bag come in black and red.

Available at Radley stores for L100.00.

Image source: Radley

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