How to Sweat-Proof Your Clothes

Men sweat more than women. Even though they seem to not care about their appearance by owning more frumpy clothes than good ones, the fact is they do care. But the fact that they sweat an awful lot more not only provides an unpleasant feeling, it also ruins clothes. And there goes last month’s pay.

However there are ways to sweat-proof your clothes.

Antiperspirants and rock crystals

Start with putting on a heavy-duty antiperspirant, especially during the summer. If you are not comfortable with using antiperspirants, you can use rock crystals.

Rock crystals protect against bacteria and neutralizes odor from sweat. It provides protection for up to twenty-four hours. Rock crystals can also be applied to other parts that tend to sweat a lot.

Specially formulated products

There are products available in the market to help sweat-proof your clothes.

One of them is the sweat block pad. Sweat block pads are cloths that have been pre-soaked in industrial-strength antiperspirant. Apply the pads to your underarms once a week to prevent sweating.

If these sweat block pads don’t work, try underarm sweat pads. These underarm sweat pads have a sticky side that you can "paste" to your underarms to form a physical barrier between your sweaty underarms and your clothes.

Soak your clothes

Soak your shirt in ice cold water. Apply a stain remover to the armpits. To really get the stains out, apply the stain remover on the inside of the shirt. This works better because the stain is lifted from the fabric, not pushed further into the fibers.

Leave the stain remover on for a few minutes then rinse off in ice cold water again (or launder your shirt immediately). For white shirts, bleach them every now and then, or you can put a teaspoon of cream of tartar with regular laundry detergent.

Wear moisture wicking undershirts

Wear a sports undershirt under a t-shirt. Or if you really have to wear a dress shirt, wear an inconspicuous sports shirt underneath. Sports clothes are designed to taper moisture away from the body. Plus, they dry off fast than regular clothes so you won’t feel like you’re soaking in sweat.

Sport clothes also have mesh, so your skin can breathe better. They are also treated to be antimicrobial to prevent odor forming bacteria from building up on your body.

Choose natural-fiber clothing and wear light colors

Go for clothes made from natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk or light wool instead of synthetic or blended fabrics. These fabrics allow your skin to breathe more, which means you’ll sweat less.

And when you do choose to wear cotton or linen, pick super light pieces that are slightly larger than your usual size to encourage air circulation and evaporation of sweat. As for colors, choose white or pastel colors. They deflect the sun’s rays so you’ll feel the heat less.

Use fabric softeners

Use a few fabric softener sheets to give your clothes that just-washed smell. Place them in your closet and drawers, but not on your clothes directly as they might stain.

Fabric softener sheets won’t sweat-proof clothes exactly, but they help make the odor less noticeable when you do sweat.

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