Hairstyles for Male-Pattern Baldness

Balding men often get funny looks in the street because baldness is often associated with aging and poor health. It is not surprising then that many men will fight to the end just to cover up their bald spots. But many guys confront the problem head on and end up looking as, if not more, gorgeous as guys with top full of hair.

Hairstyle for male-pattern baldness makes the difference. All you need is a little bit of self-confidence and a stylish cut that perfectly suits your balding condition. Read on to know what hairstyle will make you look great.

Buzz Cut: Rock like ‘The Rock"

Always go for a classic look when in doubt. This is one of the rules of thumb in fashion, including hairstyle. This option will work for you if you are losing some hair because it is a short and simple cut, making it appear that you have more hair. Duane "The Rock" Johnson best demonstrates this concept. Thanks to his stylish buzz cut, he looks extremely dapper, masculine, and refined.

Faux Hawk: Be Chic Like Jude Law

Rocking a faux hawk will give you a sexy and stylish look if you have a receding hairline or an expanding forehead. With this hairstyle, your use your natural hairline to your advantage. It has an irreverent and fast-paced appeal. Take Jude Law’s faux hawk, which changed his pretty-boy persona into a very manly adult. His hairstyle reflects masculinity and chic image.

Textured Crop: Feel Sexy with a Matthew McConaughey ‘Do

If you want to have the same hairstyle as Matthew McConaughey, textured crop is for you. It works best if you have thinning hair or developing bald spot. It will beautifully mask your thinning as it adds many mini layers into your already-short haircut. These short layers will make your hair look thicker, fuller, and dapper.

Messy ‘Do: Go Anti-Hairstyle like Jeremy Piven’s Tousled Layers

You can create illusions by having a messy ‘do. Stylized haircuts often emphasize the balding issue, but an anti-hairstyle that is purposely unkempt will draw attention away from the thinning locks. This hairstyle shows a relaxed and au natural attitude about you. Jeremy Piven’s messy ‘do is a great example. His long and tousled layer on top conveys charm and sophistication of a modern man.

Close Shave: Free Yourself with Andre Agassi’s Close Shave

Many balding guys find it hard to let go of their hair. But many others choose a close shave and it gives them complete freedom. This hairstyle shows your acceptance and courage while creating a sublimely chic persona. Andre Agassi, known for his wild hairstyles in the past, reinvented himself when went for a close shave and projected a more mature and refined image.

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