Fashion Tips for Tall Men

men fashionYou think everything is easy for tall guys? Sure they can make that wonderful slam dunk or reach the top shelf or get the girl of their dream. But everyone has his Achilles heels. When it comes to fashion, tall guys often face the difficulty of finding the right clothes that would suit their frame.

Shirts, shorts, and pants those are either too tight or too short. Shoes that are too small. These all make dressing a real hassle for guys over the six-foot mark. But take heart, if you are vertically gifted, you are not doomed to out-of-style and out-of-date.

Biggest fashion challenge

One of the biggest fashion challenges tall guys face is that there are not too many clothes that perfectly suit them because their bodies are different. They often cannot buy clothes off the rack because they do not fir perfectly – they may be too small in the waist or in the leg, or too big in the ankles. It is really, challenging, but you have to take more time and be confident. Face the mirror and accept and appreciate whatever you see.

Tailor-made clothes

You can have your clothes custom-made for that perfect fit. But if you do not have the opportunity, you just have to accept your size and double your work in finding the right clothes for you. There are stores that cater to tall people. But some stores offer certain style. So if you are into different styles, it gets more difficult to find clothes.

Common fashion mistakes

Tall guys are prone to fashion disasters. Since a lot of them might not find items in their size, they might wear shirts or pants that are too big for their size, or a hat that is too big. Many tall men try to compensate for the fact that their pants do not suit well in the waist, so they overcompensate with the size.

Vertical stripes and bright colors

It has been a long-held rule in fashion that tall guys should avoid wearing vertical stripes and bright colors. But this is just a myth. You can wear anything, just make sure that it works. The way you wear clothes cannot be confined, but you must consider subtle ways to carry the clothes. It is not the dress that only matters, but also how you pull it off and how you feel in it.

Suit-shopping tips

Former NBA player, a fashion expert, and a tall guy himself Jalen Rose has this to say: "Your look is all about how you feel, so when you’re shopping, [what you choose] has to be you. Everybody has their own style, some guys like to wear a three-piece suit with a blazer, and some guys might like to wear a ‘corporate thug look’ where you have on your gym shoes with your outfit – there are many different ways to dress it up and down."

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