Chris Brown Launches Underwear Line

Big Headed Boxers

Chris Brown is one of the best-dressed young artists today. Naturally, we look forward to what he’ll be wearing on the red carpet.

But the thing is, it’s not just his outerwear that he puts into consideration when he dresses. He also thinks about what’s underneath. And that’s what he has based his collection on.

Chris Brown has just recently launched his own underwear line, interestingly called Big Headed – whatever is being referred to by that name, we can only guess.

Big Headed Boxers has not only started a trend with its name, but what it stands for. Big Headed stands for comfort and quality, and those are the brand’s key to success.

The label’s design pays great attention to detail and are not made to rise up, thus allowing you to let loose and enjoy yourself.

Keith Davis, chairman and founder of Big Headed boxers says, "We created Big Headed Boxers to give every individual confidence when wearing our product. Not having to wear another man’s name on your boxer’s is a key component behind the branding of Big Headed Boxer’s. It’s all about you!" True enough.

Big Headed Boxers can be purchased online at

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