How to Do Rihanna's Hairstyle

RihannaAs a pop star, Rihanna changes her hairstyle often. Always the trendsetter, she has gone from long wavy locks, to a jaw-length asymmetrical cut and, most recently a very short blunt bob.

To style your hair like Rihanna’s, simply follow these steps:

First, get a blunt hair cut. If you have long hair, it has to go. Have a professional stylist cut your hair. The back has to be very short, with long sweeping bangs in the front.

Next, blow dry your hair straight. Skip this step if you have naturally straight hair. If you have wavy or curly hair, blow dry it straight to get Rihanna’s sleek look.

Third, use a ceramic iron to straighten your hair. Use the smaller iron that’s meant for shorter hair. Iron the bangs as straight as possible.

Fourth, set your hair in place using a styling or mousse. Spritz your entire do with hair spray.

Last, use a curling iron to gently curl your longer locks inward. Do this so it you won’t get fly away hair–and you’ll surely have the singer’s longer hairstyle. Curl each strand and gently unravel the curls with your finger tips, so your hair falls nicely across your forehead.

Whether you want to sport Rihanna’s longer or shorter hairstyle, the key to the whole look is to maintain the long sweeping bangs.

Image Source: Wikipedia

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