Finding The Best-Fitting Jeans

jeansTo find a pair of jeans that best suits you, basically means knowing and applying two things: one, knowing your body type (your shape and size); and two, understanding a pair of jeans’ cut in relation to your body type. In short, it means dressing for your body type. The key words to remember are proportion and balance. At present, as society dictates, the trend is to look longer and leaner (though trends change with time), and that is what we’ll try to achieve when choosing the right pair of jeans.

Knowing and dressing for your body type


With this body type, the shoulders and hips are of the same width, the waist has little definition, bust size is average; the rib cage is a bit large and the waist is not marked; the bottom is flat and the legs are thin.

Rectangular body types tend to gain weight around the abdominal area, things and love handles. Rectangular body types also have a tendency to have a little pot belly. Your goal:When choosing a pair of jeans, your goal is to create curves and draw attentions to the parts of your body that need to be emphasized. For instance, know how you can improve a flat bottom. Your options:

  • A relaxed, flared fit hugs and lifts the bottom.
  • Jeans with a straight fit from hips to knees, and with a slight flare at the bottom would look good on you.
  • High-backed low rise jeans are good for the short-waisted.
  • Long-waisted or balanced rectangular types would look good on a higher rise pair of jeans. These help emphasize the curves of the hips. You can also opt for a tapered cut.
  • Contoured waistbands help create curves.
  • Strategically placed washes or designs (embellishments) in the butt or pocket areas draw attention to the hips.
  • Smaller or pointed back pockets set far apart can make the bottom look fuller.
  • Flaps in the back pockets can also make the butt look fuller because they add a bit of "bulk".
  • Lighter shades, fades or washes along the legs and knees add shape to thighs.
  • Avoid straight cut jeans and baggy jeans.
  • Avoid jeans cut with excess material at the bottom.

Pear shape

Pear shaped bodies have round hips and defined waist. They have full, rounded hips and bottoms, narrow shoulders and small busts. Pear shapes have a tendency to gain weight at the bottom and thighs, and are also prone to saddle bags. They usually have flat stomachs and small waists. Your goal:Draw attention away from the bottom. Your options:

  • Opt for boot-cut and flared cuts. They give a long and lean look.
  • Designer jeans in stretch fabrics make the fit more comfortable.
  • Opt for dark washes. For women with a tummy, avoid jeans that are too tight (even a wee bit tight) because the ill-fitting jeans can make the belly "spill over".
  • Look for pairs with the outseam further in front to create the illusion of thinner thighs.
  • When looking for jeans, avoid those that have pockets that are set too low (near the beginning of the butt). They will make your legs look shorter.
  • Avoid excess fabric in bottom area because they can make the butt look bigger.
  • Low rise jeans can make the bottom look shorter and the torso, longer.
  • Avoid pleated jeans, because they make the hips and thighs appear wider.
  • Avoid small pockets in the bottom, pocket-less jeans and pockets set too wide apart.
  • Do not go for jeans with bundling fabrics at the waist.
  • Avoid horizontal detailing at the hip level and washes and detailing/embellishment in the back pocket area.
  • Avoid capris.

Hourglass figure

Hourglass figures have balanced curves and angles, straight shoulders, defined waists and curvy bottoms. The bust and hips are in the right proportions. Legs are usually shapely and fine boned. Your Goal:Draw attention to your waist and work with your shape.Your options:

  • Having the ideal figure, you look good in practically anything.
  • Simply look for jeans that have a good fit – smooth at the waistline and hips, and not bulky in the thighs.
  • Opt for jeans that run straight from hips to knees, ending with a good flare at the end of the legs.
  • Also look for jeans that are cut with a larger hip and smaller waist to avoid opening in the back. If you can’t find a pair with this cut, choose one that fits around he bottom and is a little loose around the waist. You can have it tailored to fit you in the waist.
  • Choose jeans that are made with stretch denim. They provide a good fit and hug your curves.
  • For the slightly short-waisted, opt for low rise jeans to balance your proportions.
  • Avoid oversized and baggy pants. They conceal you shape and structure.
  • Straight cut jeans are okay, but they don’t show off you curves as much.
  • Dont accessorize your jeans, but if you must, opt for belts, waist bands, or low slung belts, as these draw attention to your waist.

Inverted Triangle

Inverted triangle bodies are characterized by broad shoulders, medium to full bust, average waist, narrow hips and shapely long legs. Weight gain is usually apparent around the midsection, the stomach, breasts and arms. The backside usually remains flat and thighs slender. Your Goal: Draw attention away from your shoulders and bust, and show off your narrow hips. Your options:

  • Boot-cut and flared legs give a long and lean look, which is flattering to most women.
  • Go for patch pockets. Slim frames benefit from side pockets, which create a fuller thigh.
  • Opt for styles that enhance your backside without sagging in the rear, as women designer jeans are meant to do.
  • Choose jeans with a yoke in the back, which can make your backside look fuller
  • Consider a low rise jean with a contoured waistline with tapered legs to the knees but not with exaggerated flare.
  • Strategically placed washes or embellishments in the front and back pocket areas will attract attention to your hips. Also lighter washes or fades along the legs and knees add shape to thighs.
  • Avoid tapered jeans or any that are tight in the knees . Also don’t go for standard straight legged jeans and jeans with very small waistbands.
  • Don’t go for jeans without back pockets, but avoid jeans with big back pockets. Jeans in darker colors will make your hips appear smaller


Round body with fuller shorter waist, wider rib cage, rounded neck and back. Lower hips and slender legs. Your Goal:To take focus away from the hips, thigh and bottom area. Elongate, do not cut in half. Your options:

  • Boot-cut jeans give a long and lean look, which is flattering to most women. Darker color womens designer jeans.
  • Look for pants that fit your waist and are relaxed in the hip and thigh areas without adding bulk.
  • Look for jeans with the seam closer to the front. This gives the impression of thinner thighs. Consider medium to high rise jeans, but stay at least one inch below your belly button.
  • Wide waistbands can be very helpful in holding back your belly. Look for cuts and styles that contour, and soften your outline.
  • Diagonal front pockets also have a slimming effect. Choose jeans with large, loosely spaced pockets.
  • Monochromatic dressing also adds to the slimming effect.
  • Avoid pleats because they widen the look of your hips.
  • Avoid jeans that have tapered or ultra-tapered legs. They draw attention to the hips and thighs.
  • Never go for capris.
  • Don’t go for saggy and/or baggy pants, especially in backside.
  • Avoid cuffs.
  • Don’t go for jeans with small pockets, nor jeans that are tight in the knees.
  • Distressed jeans with washes or fades in the bottom and thigh areas are not advisable for a full-rounded figure.
  • Avoid styles and/or cuts that hug your body.
  • Don’t wear your belt too tight because they make flesh/fat bulges. Avoid high-waisted jeans because they really emphasize your rear end. And also avoid "whiskers" in front because they widen the hips.

Diamond shaped

Diamond shaped women have narrow shoulders, small busts, broad hips and big thighs and slender calves. Your goal:What you want to do is look elongated, while drawing attention away from your waist and emphasizing your bust and shoulders.Your options:

  • Try jeans with a boot cut fit and a little stretch. Boot cut jeans are a staple of women designer jeans.
  • Opt for pairs with a relaxed fit.
  • Choose dark denim jeans and pair them with dark high heels and dark colored tops.
  • Go for jeans with the outseam brought further to the front to create the illusion of thinner thighs.
  • Choose jeans with pockets that are set a little higher. They will make your legs look longer. Larger back pockets make your butt appear smaller
  • When dressing, allow the hem to touch the ground when you pair jeans with high heels. Wear the same color for shoes, socks and jeans to make your legs look longer.
  • Slightly low rise cut jeans make short waists look longer.
  • Avoid tapered and ultra-tapered jeans, as they draw attention to the hips.
  • Capris reinforce the diamond shape, so don’t go for them.
  • Avoid cuts that rise above your natural.
  • Jeans with small pockets are not advisable, as they make your rear look bigger.
  • Avoid jeans with washes or fades in the rear end and thigh areas. Also avoid designs and embellishments in the rear as they draw attention to that area. Choose jeans that fit the contours of your body, not hug it.
  • Avoid saggy and/or baggy cuts and excess fabrics in the rear area.


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