Shoe Shopping Tips

shoe shoppingYes, there is more to shoe shopping than just choosing the right pair for the right occasion in the color that matches your dress and your eyes.

Here’s how to shoe shop the right way.

Shop Late

Go shoe shopping late in the day. That’s when your feet are most swollen, and of course, largest.

Socks and Stockings

Wear socks or stockings that you will be wearing with the shoes you’ll be buying. That way, you will know if your shoes are too tight or too lose, or just right.

Heels and Toes

Stand up and wiggle your toes. See if they are too loose or if they fit just right. Don’t forget to check your heel. If your heel slips, then the shoes are too big.

Take a walk

Finally, walk around the shoe store to make sure you will be comfortable when you walk while wearing your new shoes. If you don’t feel comfortable, keep looking.

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