Matching Jewelry to Your Clothes

pretty girlWith the right hair and the right shoes, the perfect dress can make you feel like a supermodel. Throw in the perfect jewelry and you got the whole look nailed. The right jewelry can bring out streaks out of your eyes, making you feel a goddess. Here’s how to find the perfect jewelry to match the perfect dress.

Your personal style

Know your personal style. Open your cabinet–your present wardrobe should give you a clue. Do you have a lot of jeans, dresses, blazers? When you’ve already determined you own style, you now have a blank slate to start working on.

Fashion Bibles

Browse through fashion magazines to know the latest trends. Note how models are dressed. Pay close attention to the jewelry and how it makes the whole look work. Ask yourself why you like the pairing. For instance, the earrings bring out the intricate design on the dress, etc. Compile a list of the looks you like. You can also go people-watching for ideas.

Jewelry hiding place

Lay all your jewelry across a flat surface – a dresser, a bed, etc. – near your cabinet or closet. A close-by mirror is also a good option.


With the list you compiled, you can now start experimenting with different looks and different accessories or pieces of jewelry. If you see a particular look that you like, work with the pieces of jewelry that you have and create a variation on your chosen look.

Your New Look

Now that you have a list, and some possible combinations, you can choose which ones you like most. Now you can go out and show off your new look.

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