How To Get The Celebrity Look: On a Budget

woman shopLooking like a Rockstar or even one of the Sex in the City character will cost a lot. Socialites and Celebrities have nice skin, nice hair, fashionable and everything they own is expensive. A bag can feed a person good for a year or even more. A glass can be worth a common employee’s one month salary.

It is the money issue that is hampering many men and women out there to look good just like their favorite public figure. However, the money matters must not be that much of a problem these days with all the options that are being offered around. Check the following guidelines in getting that expensive celebrity look:

Designer Sunglasses. Knock offs or unlabeled products can be found everywhere. It is not practical to buy expensive sunglasses when one does not have anything to pay for it. What is important is that you can have a good look and that you can carry it.

Designer Wrist Watch. A good designer watch can cost one a fortune especially the limited edition type of watch. Nonetheless, there are still ways in order to grab some of those wonderful watches. Check on shops that sell used jewelries or do on line shopping at and

Designer Shoes. It is always neat to wear designer shoes. If you can not afford buying it you can borrow, buy something elegant but cheap or buy a pair of used designer shoes. There are a lot of second hand designer shoes that can be bought at Garage sale and shops selling second hand good can be also a good place to buy what you need.

Designer Bag. Designers Bag is a must have to get the socialite or celebrity look. Options are not a problem. Prada, Balenciaga, Hermes, Chole, Louis Vuitton and others are always available for someone who has the fortune to spend for them. However, for those who cannot afford the said designer bags it would be very practical to borrow or rent than actually buying it. The best website for renting designer bags is It is better to rent than steal.

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