How to Avoid The Tacky Look

What was hot 20 years ago in the fashion scene may not be that hot today. The reason why many men and women tend to look tacky is due to the fact that they do not move on from what they are accustomed to during their generation. For some, they tend to exaggerate playing dressing up with themselves that they look very much ‘more than the usual.’

How to avoid looking tacky? Having an age that is very much close to forty or even more does not give anyone the license to look bad. Looking good and in style as time goes by has a lot of good benefits to oneself. People will take you more seriously and you will be treated much better when you look good. Here are great tips on how not to look tacky.

Accept your Size

There are people who tend to buy and use clothes that are not of their size. Say, if their size is 6 they tend to buy 4 or 3.

Some say that they are doing it to prove that they can still fit into that size. Others say that they are using it because they believe that they can fit on it very well after months of exercising.

Regardless of the reason for buying certain clothing, one has to make sure that IT FITS him or her well.

Wearing something that does not suit our body will only make us look funny and fat instead of goodlooking. A person can in fact look thinner than her actual weight if she will wear something that suits her well.

Suitable for Kids

There are clothes and style that would look cute on us–if we are nine or ten. Hot pink Barbie shirts, Donald Duck shirts, Pigtails and Polka Dot Shoes with a matching Bow are some of those that are ‘cute for kid’s clothes.’ When there is no need for costume do stick to at least the basic comfortable clothes.

White long-sleeves shirt, black jeans, black mini-dress are some of the classic fashion clothing that will never be out of style.

Careful with the Weave

A Hair Weave is a synthetic hair woven to look like a natural hair and used as a hair extension. It is commonly used to cover up a part of the head where there is not enough or no hair.

The hair weave can make a person look younger than their actual age due to the illusion that it gives. Nevertheless, always make sure that the weave fits well.

Another point to remember is to make sure that there is enough hair to hold the pseudo hair. It is best to consult a professional to make sure that everything will be fine.

Lose the Neon-Colored, Long Socks

The neon colored long socks had been a hit a couple of years ago and is still is with other countries. However, for people of a much mature age ranging from 30 and above it is better to stick to the basics.

A pair of long socks looks good with a mini skirt just like the students in Japan. But it certainly will not fit someone who is fat and old for it.

Remember that whatever we wear reflects on our whole being, so choose your clothes wisely.






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