How to Blow Dry

blow dry hairBlow drying might seem to you a very simple task to do when looking at the stylist doing it. However, it is not really as easy as it may seem especially when you are intending to have a hair style as wonderful as the hair of Eva Longoria, Mary Louise Parker, Jessica Simpson and others. Blow Drying or Air drying Requires art, skill and power. Gladly, it is the tricks of the trade that you will learn as you read through this article.

The Right Direction of Air Flow

For a sleek straight hair look the flow of the air from the blow dryer must be directed down the hair shaft of the roots until the end of it. It is best to have someone do the drying for you to have a better result.

Blow drying the hair so to get the very straight hair result means you have to raise the blow dryer’s nozzle above your head. The said activity is not a very easy task especially for someone who is short armed.

The Brush and the Blow Dryer

The hairbrush and not the blow dryer alone are the keys in creating a wonderful hair do. In fact, it is the skill of working on the hair using these two tools is the most challenging task. Nonetheless, practice they say makes perfect.


Just like what the prominent celebrity Robert Hallowell said, "divide and conquer." The hair must be divided into different sections with two to four inches in terms of thickness.

Division makes working with the blow drying and brush of the hair easier. It is also in this way that the process of blow drying itself works faster and more effective.

The Proper Product for your Hair Texture

The product that will be used in hair blow drying greatly affects the result of the process. Thick hair requires creams, liquids, glaze and gel with extra strength.

Medium texture hair would do fine with lighter products say for instance, mousse, gel mousse, regular gel, creams and liquids. Fine and thin hair strand requires the use of lighter hair products such as gel mousse or mousse.

Use the Right Brush

Always use the brush with the highest quality. The hair is very fragile when it is wet. Hence, extraordinary diligence must be performed when blow drying it.

To promote volume, texture and bend the stylist must use a round brush. For merely blow drying straight hair styles however, a Paddle brush would be enough.


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