Men's Grooming Tips for Wedding

men wedding groomin tipsIt is usually the bride who stresses over preparations, especially with regards to her own appearance. The groom is pretty much left to his own designs probably right after his tuxedo fitting. But in case some of you handsome grooms are clueless when it comes to preparing for your wedding, here are a few grooming tips to get some of those eyes to stare in your direction.

Pre-wedding haircut

It is best to get your hair cut a week or 10 days before the wedding. The key is to look neat and fresh, not like you just stepped out of the salon. It is not a good idea to just try out a new hairstyle days before the wedding. If you wish to try out a new style, it is best to do it months before the wedding to avoid a potential disaster.

According to men’s hairstylists, a closely cropped hair looks neater and "goes well" with a tuxedo. This also applies to facial hair, including sideburns. A visit to your stylist – preferably on the day before your wedding – for your haircut may also include touching up around your eyebrows and ears, usually leaving the nose hair clipping to the groom.

Fingers and Nails

This is not usually a subject for men. But on your wedding, you will be shaking a lot of hands, so it’s best that your fingers and nails are nice and clean. If you are comfortable about getting a manicure, then by all means get one. A good manicurist would know better than to get you pink, shiny nails.

If you choose to deal with your fingers and nails, cut your nails into a square shape. This is to prevent tears and hangnails. Buff your nails regularly to bring out their natural shine. And finally, for best results, use a moisturizer to prevent splits, peeling and ragged cuticles.

Clean shave

To bring your whole look together, get a clean shave. Cosmeticians give these tips: first, wash your face with soap or facial scrub to soften facial hair. Use a wet shave brush to apply shaving gel or cream. A brush covers each strand evenly with lather. It is best to shave right after bathing when hair is softest. When you put shaving gel or cream on your face, work against the grain to maximize lifting facial hair. Choose a shaving gel or cream that suits your skin type.

Use a new blade. It’s your wedding after all. To prevent nicks, shave in the direction the hair grows. This will also prevent ingrown hairs and razor burn. Use short strokes. Start with the smooth areas – cheeks and sides, finish with the upper lip and chin. To make sure you did a close, clean shave, shave your face twice. Rinse of with cool water to close pores. Splash on aftershave (in you scent of choice) and end your ritual by applying a shave balm to moisturize.

Sweat and Odor

Brides deal with stress either by taking charge, throwing a fit, working out or just crying. Grooms, on the other hand, just sweat it out. Sweat is a way in which the body signals stress. There are two things you have to deal with when you are stressed and sweating: sweat stains (particularly armpit stains) and odor. There’s very little you can do to "cure" sweatiness.

What you can do to at least lessen it (and its effects) is to take long, leisurely shower or bath, with lukewarm water. Scrub thoroughly. It is a good idea to use an antibacterial soap – one that’s tried and tested to avoid possible disastrous allergic reactions. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

Apply an antiperspirant (as opposed to deodorant which only deals with odor, antiperspirant will keep you odor free and dry) that has aluminum chlorhydrate or aluminum chloride. Do this same approach to deal with foot odor and sweat. Lastly, it wouldn’t hurt to treat you with a massage – a great way to reduce anxiety and stress. Brides, why not treat your grooms to a day in the spa. They’ll surely appreciate it.

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