How to Stop Split Ends

hair damageSplit Ends are the ugly looking tips of our hair with a split on it. It takes place when the protective cuticle of the tip of our hair split lengthwise because our hair is simply very brittle and dry.

Of course we all want to have the finest hair there is and look good. We tend to always style our hair with blow dry and styling iron but without thinking about the bad effects of it in our crowning glory. Here are some fabulous helpful tips so to improve our hair condition.

Please avoid using vent brushes most especially the ones with plastic bristles. This particular brush can create more damage to your hair as it rips through the hair. It is advised to use a brush that has a foam pad and wide or a wide tooth comb.

If you are the type of person who loves to dry her hair every now and then it is advised for you not to use shampoo very often. Merely scrub your scalp with your fingers when on having a shower during the times that you are not using shampoo.

Dryness of the hair can cause breakage and so to protect it especially when you often heat style your hair you must use a conditioner. Do not overdo the conditioner however and make sure that the blow dryer is four inches away from your hair.

Never let the hair stylist shape your hair with a razor. This form of cutting the hair have cause damage so be very particular with your hair stylist when you having your hair trimmed.





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