Karl Lagerfield To Design Dubai Fashion Island

Not contented by being creative director of the house of Chanel and being the legendary fashion designer that he is, Karl Lagerfield is set to embark on another designing odyssey. His next project – an island.

Dubai’s project, The World, a man-made archipelago composed of 300 man-made islands patterned after – obviously, the map of the world, is to have a fashion island named Isla Moda. An entire island dedicated solely to fashion, Isla Moda will reportedly have a hotel, residential villas and fashion boutiques. Definitely a high-fashion fanatic’s island paradise!

Chanel’s creative director’s designs will reportedly include a limited-edition range for the island. Each tiny detail of Isla Moda will be designed by other world renowned designers that are yet to be named.

Isla Moda is designed to put Dubai on the fashion map – the go-to place for fashion events and draw fashion crowds to the ambitious offshore project, The World.

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