eBay Ordered to Stop Selling LVMH Products

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Bay and luxury goods Giant LVMH has seen the end of a high profile court battle over alleged selling of counterfeit items turn in favor of the luxury conglomerate. The French version of eBay has been ordered by the Paris Court of Appeals t Stop selling all Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey (LVMH) products.

WWD reports that eBay could face a fine of up to 50,000 euros a day if they sell products from any of the following LVMH companies – Parfums Christian Dior, Kenzo Parfums, Guerlain and Parfums Givenchy.

LVMH argues that all of these products are available in outlets selected by the group.

The ruling came after an initial judgement made by Paris’ Tribunal de Commerce on June 30. The LVMH group has reportedly said that The commercial court had ruled that eBay should prevent its Internet site users from using these brand names. This decision, which responds entirely to the demands of the LVMH group, confirms the seriousness of the faults committed by eBay’s sites".

Image Source: Wikipedia

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