Handbag Amnesty to Raise Funds for Cancer Research

The UK Cancer Research and online lifestyle magazine handbag.com are asking celebrities to part with their designer handbags. For a good cause that is.

The UK Cancer Research and an handbag.com are holding a Handbag Amnesty throughout September for women to have the chance to bid for a celebrity designer handbag to raise funds for cancer research.

Designer handbags donated by celebrities will be auctioned of on Cancer Research UK’s eBay presence in October, to coincide with the breast cancer awareness month.

This campaign encourages not only celebrities but members of the public as well, to donate their designer handbags which are still in good condition. Donated handbags are to be brought to local Cancer Research UK Shop.

Source: fundraising.co.uk/news/2008/06/20/handbag-amnesty-raise-funds-cancer-research-uk  

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