Games for Bridal Shower

bridal shower gamesBridal showers aren’t complete without the fun games and activities for the guests and of course, the bride. Games are a great icebreaker, giving more opportunities for guests to interact.

This makes the party more enjoyable and memorable both for the bride and the guests. The following are some great bridal shower games that are sure to entertain guests in a party.

The Clothespin Game

First, select a "buzz word" such as bride, groom, dress, bouquet, etc. As each guest arrives, hand them a clothespin. If someone hears another person say the "buzz word," like "wedding" for example, she gets to take the clothespin. The guest with the most number of clothespins at the end of the party wins a prize.

Who Am I?

To start up conversations among guests, play a game of Who Am I? Before the start of the party, think of names of artists, singers, celebrity couples, and other popular people. Write down each name on name tags and as each guest arrives, pin the tag on their backs without showing them who it is.

Tell them to go around and ask other guests for clues on what’s written on their backs. These should be answerable by yes or no. Game ends when someone finds a partner who can help her guess the name written on her back.

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

Divide the guests into teams of three or more people. Each team chooses a "bride" that they would need to dress up using toilet paper. The team with the most creative and funniest bridal dress made of toilet paper wins.

Honeymoon Destination

Ask your guests to write down locations using the bride’s first name. Think of honeymoon locations that start with the letters that spell the bride’s name. For example, Lisa – Las Vegas, Ireland, Seattle, Alaska.

Celebrity Couples Trivia Game

Divide your guests in two or more teams. Play a round of trivia under the category of celebrity couples. Ask trivia questions about these famous people and the team that answers the most wins.

Purse Scavenger Hunt

Have your guests put their purses on their laps. Announce an item and the first person that pulls it out of her purse and hands it to you wins a prize. You can start out with some common items and them move on to other motherly things like baby stuff.

Happy Wishes and Toasts for the Bride

Have the guests take turn offering their best wishes for the couple. You can also record these and playback as a surprise for the bride and groom.

Guests can also write down happy thoughts of the couple and friendly advice for the bride-to-be on cards and then indicate the occasion when the bride should read these.

Some examples may be on first anniversaries, first baby, and such other future milestones in their married life.

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