How to Choose a Bridesmaid Dress

bridesmaid dressOne of the stressing decisions in preparing for a wedding is choosing what the bridesmaids would wear. Most of the time the bridesmaids were subjected to wear overly-decorated and unflattering gowns, which should not be the case. Like the bridal dress, bridesmaid dresses should be attractive and fitting. Here are some useful tips in choosing a bridesmaid dress that does not make the bridesmaids hate the bride.

Consider the bridesmaids as a whole when choosing color

Look at your bridesmaids’ physical features and determine their common skin tone and hair color.

Then, choose dresses according to colors that would complement them. If most of your bridal party is light skinned and fair-haired, pastel colors are not recommended and instead opt for bolder colors like maroon or dark blue.

Meanwhile, olive-skinned bridesmaids would not look good on brightly-colored dresses like yellow or lime green. If the party is richly diverse, go for deep colors like crimson, plum, emerald, or even black.

However, if the bride insists on having a light-colored bridesmaid dress, opt for a two-tone effect like having a dark dress with accents on a lighter shade.

Consider body type and size

Although wedding magazines would feature a lot of bridesmaid dresses worn by waif, slender models, we have to face the reality that not all women are shaped like that.

The bride may choose between having a single style that would fit all body types or having a single design that is styled differently according to the bridesmaid’s body type. For instance, bigger bridesmaids can have straps on their dresses, or A-line skirts instead of a mermaid tail.

Choose a style that would be re-wearable

A common dilemma among bridesmaid dresses is that they look so hideous you would want to hide them in the closet forever, but they don’t have to.

Instead of the usual one-piece gowns, consider having a two-piece dress consisting of a white lacy top and a colored, full satin skirt, all wrapped in a very thin matching ribbon.

This trendy style can be worn in any other formal occasion, and it also gives an opportunity for every bridesmaid to have a differently-colored skirt that would completely complement her skin tone.

Avoid overused colors

People can tell if a woman has used a certain dress on a wedding just by looking at the color. Most bridesmaids have worn either peach or lavender dresses on the wedding ceremony. Not only these shades are overused, but would also look hideous on most skin types.

Go for simplicity

The most hideous bridesmaid dresses are usually the most overly-decorated with extra bows, lace, ribbon, sleeves, and beading. A simple gown can do wonders on your bridesmaids because their beauty is not drowned from the excess fabrics.

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