Choosing Your Wedding Gown

Every wedding dress has a different shape that would fit a particular body type, and you need to get yourself acquainted with what styles would look good on you and what are the ones that would be a disaster. Below is a list of common dress styles used on weddings and which body type would look fabulous on them.

A-line wedding dress – It is also known as a Princess wedding gown because of its semi-formal appeal. What makes it an A-line dress is its narrower top that flares gently wider towards the bottom, resembling an "A" silhouette. This type of wedding dress works great for most body types.

Ball gown – This style has a full skirt (wider than an A-line) and a fitted waist and bodice. Full-figured and pear-shaped women would look gorgeous in this type of wedding dress, while it can also work for slim and tall brides.

Basque dress – This type of wedding gown style forms a subtle "V" on the top, just below the bride’s natural waist line. It usually works best for women with pear-shaped bodies.

Drop waist gown – The top part of this wedding dress sits below the bride’s natural waistline, sometimes even below the hips. Slender women would find this style fabulous.

Empire dress – This type of wedding dress has a smaller bodice, higher waistline, and a slender skirt. This is ideal for pregnant brides as well as women with thicker waistline.

Mermaid – Inspired by the mermaid’s tail, this dress style has a skirt that is fitted at the knee level then flares out below. This is the best option for tall and slender brides.

Sheath – Also known as a Column dress, the gown has a narrow body. This type of dress hugs the bust, waistline, and hips. Brides who are tall, slim, or petite would look best wearing this gown.

(images courtesy: Kate Sherford, Monique Lhullier, Alfred Sung)

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