Choosing the Right Wedding Dress

wedding gownBecause weddings only happen once in a lifetime-that is, if things would turn out right between you and your husband-which is why preparing for this ceremony can be quite a stress, especially when it comes to choosing your wedding dress.

Although it is very common for the bride to have an idea what to wear at the wedding, most of the time her style in mind does not flatter her body at all. Remember that a wedding gown should be able to hide your flaws, making you the most beautiful woman in the venue. Here are some great suggestions on choosing the right style for your wedding dress.

Choose a dress that brings out the best in you – Your wedding gown should play up your best features, while minimizing-if not hiding-your physical flaws. For example, if you have a pear-shaped body, your ideal wedding dress should put focus on your upper body.

Consider when and where the wedding would take place – The style of your wedding dress should be coordinated with the type of wedding (whether in the church, on a garden, or on a beach), the season, and even the age of the bride. Corseted and strapless gowns, for instance, would fall out of place if you are planning for a winter wedding. Meanwhile, dresses that fall to the ground would be a mess if your wedding is on a beach.

Let the designer or store attendant guide you – It is important to work with a professional when choosing the right wedding gown for you, whether you are planning to have it made to a designer or just buying one off the rack from a bridal store. Even though the client (that’s you) is always right, remember that the designer or bridal store attendant have an extensive knowledge about what fits you.

Fitting matters – You need to try your wedding dress on and see if it fits you perfectly and comfortably, not to mention that it should look beautiful on you. If you are superstitious about wearing the gown before the wedding day, have a friend whose body size is similar to yours to fit on your behalf. Then, have it altered for the wedding gown to fit you better.

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