How to Buy a Wedding Dress

wedding dressThe bride is considered as "the centerpiece" of a wedding, and her dress should be the most gorgeous in the ceremony. This makes a tough and lengthy decision on what style of wedding dress to choose. Everything has to take into consideration, such as the opinions of your family and friends, and you might get overwhelmed. As a bride, try not to stress yourself too much on this momentous occasion. Take a deep breath, relax, and follow these tips when buying a wedding dress.

Define your budget

This should be your main concern when it comes to choosing what wedding dressing to wear.

You can splurge and have a customized dress created by a prominent designer-whether local or "branded"-or go to a wedding boutique and consult an attendant about your options in choosing a wedding gown that fits your budget.

You also need to set aside about $400 for alterations along the way, and another $400 if you want to wear a veil.

Plan ahead

Choosing a wedding dress should be at least 12 weeks before the ceremony, as there would be several fitting and alterations along the way. If you are superstitious against wearing a wedding gown ahead of the wedding, have a friend whose body size is similar to yours wear the dress on your behalf.

Choose the specifics ahead of time

When choosing a wedding dress, you need to lay out all the important details such as color, length, and train. You need to be decisive on these factors because altering them along the way would be a waste of time and money (especially if you plan on changing the color of your gown).

Pick the right style for your body type

Read wedding magazines and learn about different styles usually done in wedding gowns. For instance, a pear-shaped bride-to-be would fit perfectly in an A-line dress. You can also choose the style of your wedding dress according to your personal taste.

Pair the perfect accessories

Your dress should go with accessories like shoes, gloves, jewelry, and even an evening bag. It is best to keep them to a minimum and strive for comfort.

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