Louis Vuitton Taiga iPhone Case

Louis vuitton taiga iphone case

Whenever there’s a highly coveted gadget out in the market, chances are there’s also a matching luxury case designed for it. And with the release of the much anticipated Apple iPhone, what better way to carry this slick phone than in a chic Louis Vuitton iPhone case.

Louis Vuitton created a set of four expensive luxury cases for the iPhone. It is available in the signature LV Monogram canvas, Epi leather, Taiga leather, and alligator skin.

All the LV iPhone cases are designed as slip on slim cases where the iPhone, which somewhat proves to be an inconvenience as you have to pull the iPhone out of the case whenever you use it. Nonetheless, the Taiga leather case gives extra protection for the iPhone and more. The notch located at the top of the case gives easy access to the iPhone and a clip on the back allows belt attachment.

The inside of the Taiga case is lined with fine microfiber, which safely cushions the iPhone. Its ultra slim, ergonomic design is perfectly fitted for the iPhone and provides more portability as it slips easily into your pocket or bag.

The stylish LV designer cases are the perfect accessory for the glossy iPhone. Although it is a bit overpriced for a phone case. The Louis Vuitton Taiga iPhone Case is priced at $260.

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