Destination Wedding Checklist

destination weddingPlanning to have an unusual location for your wedding? A destination wedding is defined as getting married abroad, although it could also mean getting hitched in an out of town locale.

Simply put, a destination wedding is more expensive because it involves traveling to another place. Before packing your bags and heading into some foreign land, make sure to take note of these.

  • Determine first where to get married and what type the wedding ceremony would the partners like. Would they still have a reception when they return home?

  • In choosing the location, know first the laws of the country or the place where the wedding would be held. This would prevent hassles later on and if the marriage would be valid when they get back.

  • Be aware of locales where there are a lot of red tape and bureaucracy. The lesser the fuss, the better.

  • There are also the legal considerations. Are there residency requirements? Is there a waiting period with regards to the marriage license, banns, and other requirements? Is a medical certificate necessary? Should pertinent documents be original or needs translation? If this is the second marriage of one or both couples, are there additional paperwork needed?

  • Must a civil ceremony precede a religious ceremony or is a religious ceremony recognized as legally valid? Are there documents needed for religious ceremonies?

  • Take note of the small things also like fees, stamps, and if ever the need of an interpreter arises.

  • Consider also the age of the couple. The legal age of marriage varies according to location. Are there any requirements needed if one or both of the engaged couple is minor? Take note blood relations too among the to be married pair as this may have legal implications.

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