Rent or Buy a Tuxedo

Buy or rent a tuxedoAs the wedding approaches, thinking whether to buy or to just rent a tuxedo is foremost in the would be groom’s mind. Of course, buying would be the easiest option. But for a groom on a tight budget, it might not be the best of decisions. Tuxedos can cost quite a considerable amount, especially for a suit that is seldom used. So in deciding whether to buy or rent a tuxedo, the groom should try to look at the advantages and disadvantages of both.

When buying a tuxedo, there are some things that a groom has to consider. First of the is the price. A tuxedo can be expensive, but it can also be seen as sort of an investment. A tuxedo is an all around solution for an outfit at different formal functions. Although grooms may think that a tuxedo for the wedding is worn only on that special occasion, they couldn’t be more wrong.

Tuxedos can, in fact be worn in various other special formal events. Wearing a tux in such occasions can prevent you from sticking out as a fashion disaster out there. And if you plan to wear the tuxedo on several other special occasions, then it might prove to be more cost effective. For this reason, buying a tux may also be a god enough decision.

Buying a tuxedo will also ensure that the groom has a suit on specially tailored for him and him alone. This can look better on the groom than the more all-purpose rented version. Buying a tuxedo will ensure a groom of a more comfortable and fitting suit for the wedding. For fitting purposes, a tailored tuxedo is always better than a rented one. But this might come at a disadvantage to a groom who always has a problem with maintaining a certain weight or figure. A tuxedo can easily become too small the next time one plans to wear it.

On the other hand, renting a tuxedo might be a more affordable choice for a groom, especially for one who cannot think up of other occasions to wear it on. If you are not fond of formal function and decide to wear the tuxedo just to look fashionable for your wedding, then renting one would be the most logical choice. Renting a tuxedo costs lesser than having one specially made for you. This option would especially work for couples on a tight wedding budget.

The disadvantage of renting a tuxedo is that it can take some time before a groom may find a right fit. Since rented tuxedos are ready-made, grooms may be at a disadvantage of finding a perfect fit. There would always be something wrong with the suit that might or might not be a concern. Renting a tuxedo will also be subject to availability. That is why it is important that grooms try to reserve a rented tuxedo a good three months before the actual wedding so that availability can be guaranteed.

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