How to Buy Wedding Gifts

wedding giftsBuying wedding gifts for the couple can be a task in itself for the guests. Choosing a memorable wedding gift is foremost in the minds of the couple’s friends and family. Here are some tips that might help guests in finding the right wedding gifts to give to the newlyweds.

First of all, any wedding gift is welcomed by the couple. A "perfect" wedding gift is one that comes from the heart. But there are others who wish to give the couple a wedding gift that they "need", not merely something as a keepsake. For these things, guests and friends can take a look at the gift registry that the couple may have set-up.

A gift registry is generally a list of items that the groom and the bride has come up with. These are usually a list of things that the couple would love to receive as wedding gifts. The couples usually set it up with a local department store or specialty shops. The stores keep a copy of this wish list. Guests can then proceed to the store and inquire about the bridal registry to see the list of items.

The wedding guests can then choose from the list of items that they could buy as a suitable wedding gift for the couple. It would surely be a more convenient way for guests to buy a wedding gift that the couple would surely wish to have.

Some wedding guests want to be more unique. They want to give the couple something not entirely common. This can be done by giving a gift with a bit of that personal touch. It can be a gift that the guest have personally made for the loving couple. Not only would it be unique and special, such wedding gifts can easily remind the couple of the giver.

Giving cash as wedding gifts may depend on the couple themselves. Cash gifts are acceptable in some cultures and may not work in some. So it is important for guests to inquire whether cash gifts are accepted if they plan to do so. This would help prevent any misunderstandings in the future. An alternative option that guests may consider is by giving gift certificates.

If guests wish to buy a certain wedding gift but may prove to be too expensive for the budget, they can consider buying it collectively. Friends of the couple may plan on buying an expensive wedding gift as a group to make it easier on their pockets. This agreement may take a bit of planning between friends or the group.

Choosing a large and expensive appliance listed by the couple on the bridal registry may be more affordable for the group to buy if the cost is shared between them. This type of gift giving is perfectly acceptable and it would even be so endearing to the couple, for friends going out of their way to buy such an expensive or costly wedding gift.


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