How to Accept Gift of Money at a Wedding

wedding money giftsAccepting money gifts has become quite a standard thing in most weddings today. The reason behind this may stem from the fact that going into marriage is no longer that easy for the couple. The challenges faced today by the couple in the economic sense may prove to be greater than in the past. On the practical side, some guests would like to lend a hand to the couple and so give money as gifts instead of items.

Most weddings today certainly has become more practical than in the past. And couples usually have to bear the fact that they have to learn to go with the times. This also includes accepting money as a wedding gift. Although it can be unexpected for some wedding couples, there might be guests who will consider giving money for their wedding gift.

When couples find themselves being given money for a wedding gift, they should willingly and graciously accept it. After all, as a wedding gift, money is being given in good faith, with the guest thinking that the couple will need it more than just a gift item. Guests may have different point of views and couples should be considerate enough to give their guests such benefit.

It is the bride who usually will be handed out the cash gifts during the wedding, so it is important that they come prepared. The bride should have a purse handy where to place cash gifts being given. A card box may also provided for guests where they can place a card that usually comes with a cash gift to the couple. A designated person should be tasked to look after the card box that can be placed in a secure location near the gift table.

When the couple is handed out a cash gift or card by a guest, both should give their thanks and welcome the gift. The couple should refrain from taking a look at the amount given. The bride should try to insert it into her purse or discreetly hand it to a member of the bridal party or a relative.

But for the few who might not want to receive money gifts during their wedding (which can be a cultural thing), it is rightful to inform the guests beforehand. This can be done by adding a phrase or two on the wedding invitation that the couple refrains guests from giving cash gifts. This can also be done for the couple who wish or expect guests not to bring any gift at their wedding. This would help guests to know beforehand on what is to be expected.

In either case of receiving gifts, it is good that the couple not to expect anything during their wedding, especially cash gifts. Of course, there are guests who will heartily give such gifts to the couple, but gifts should not be quantified for their monetary value. Gifts should be welcomed and thanked for but not expected. Doing the opposite would only irritate the couple afterwards, especially if the gifts they received fall way short of the wedding gifts that they supposedly expect.



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