Types of Wedding Receptions

wedding menuBefore planning on what dishes are to be served on your wedding reception, you need to determine what kind of reception are you planning to throw. Choosing a wedding reception depends on the time of your wedding ceremony, as well as your budget and your personal preference. Here are different types of wedding receptions to help you decide on how you want to party on your wedding day.

Breakfast or brunch reception

This type of reception applies for early-morning weddings, as some couples like to exchange vows as the sun is rising to symbolize a new day in their lives. Guests are treated to a breakfast feast like eggs benedict, omelet, burrito, French toast, English muffin, and other regional specialties. If you want to add a touch of luxury, consider adding smoked salmon, ham, or roast beef.

Drinks vary from Bloody Mary’s, Mimosas, and other non-alcoholic punches. Coffee should also be a staple in this type of reception. The good thing about a breakfast or brunch reception is that it is inexpensive and the guests would drink less alcohol. However, your guests may feel uncomfortable getting up too early, and it also lessens the time you need to prepare for your own wedding.

Lunch reception

This goes well to weddings being held during the morning, but gives you more time to get ready compared to the breakfast reception. A lunch reception is also an inexpensive option, as the caterer would provide the guests with "cheaper" versions of their signature dishes usually served during dinner. The problem, however, is wondering how you spend the rest of the day if you don’t leave for the honeymoon.

Afternoon tea

Offer your guests an old-fashioned but indulgent tea party during the wedding reception. Since it is not often done in the United States nowadays, guest see it as a delight that they are served with tea sandwiches and beautifully-decorated desserts during the afternoon.

Others dishes being served include finger sandwiches and tartlets, along with the wedding cake. Champagne and hot teas (of course) are offered as well. Although this is relatively inexpensive, your male guests may not feel comfortable on the seemingly "girly" nature of the reception.

Champagne and cake reception

It is considered the least expensive type of reception, wherein all the guests gather after the wedding ceremony for some cake and champagne toasts. It is often short and sweet, but your guests may end up wanting more (of the food, that is). To avoid confusion, try putting "champagne and cake to follow" on your invitation.

Cocktail reception

This type of reception allows your guests to mingle and greet each other as they partake on hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. It is a bit more relaxed than a sit-down dinner, and actually allows you to bring more people in. However, your guests may drink more than the usual alcohol compared to other receptions.

Dinner reception

The most formal type of wedding reception, consisting of a sit-down or buffet dinner. This allows you time to celebrate your wedding at its grandest, as well as treating your guests with some great food and dancing during the course of the party.

This type of wedding reception usually starts with a cocktail hour, then proceed into an adjoining room for dinner, along with the dancing, cake cutting, bouquet tossing, and other usual activities we see during a wedding party. It may be the most expensive option, your guests will have an impression that you went all out for your wedding.

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