Giving a Best Man's Speech

best man speechYou have been asked to become a best man for a friend or relative, and you have written your wedding speech for the reception. But how are you supposed to deliver a successful best man’s speech? Are you supposed to follow certain rules or "just being yourself" applies here? Here is your guide to delivering a best man’s speech.

Make a joke or two – Lighten up the audience by telling some jokes first, probably something that has to do with marriage. However, keep the jokes to a minimum. You are here to make a speech, remember?

Keep it personal, but not embarrassing – Tell the crowd some stories that involved you and the groom or bride (whoever is more familiar to you) that would evoke positive reactions. However, you need to avoid stories that would embarrass the couple. Bear in mind that this is their night, and they do not want to feel stressed as much as possible.

Take time saying what you want to say – Speak in a slow and audible manner so that the audience would understand what you are trying to say. However, don’t talk for the mere sake of talking. Also, try not to upstage the bride and groom.

Thank those who were involved – Thank the people who helped make the wedding day possible, especially the couple’s parents. Try not to forget their names.

Relax – If you feel really nervous before giving the best man’s toast, try breathing deeply to relax you. A glass of alcohol would probably help you loosen up as well, but not too much to the point that you cannot keep your composure.

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